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Unsolicited Testemonials

Testimonials from presentation evaluations and social media. 

Great workshop.. Great sense of self... and sense of humor!  What an inspiration.

“Thank you… working with you made me who I am today.”

“Thank you for all your work in the community and the world, and best of all all your efforts you made for my child.”

"This was an excellent presentation. I specifically enjoyed Laura Jacobs. Her presentations style was great. She was knowledgeable and thoughtful. Her case study was excellent and really encouraged therapist to ask more questions about their motivation and how they are dealing with counter transference issues. Would love to see her present again."

[In this presentation] Presenters addressed issues that I am starting to encounter more and more...
Awesome, accessible content, delivered with competence and compassion; this was one of the best sessions I attended throughout the whole event.

"I appreciated the vocabulary lesson and more meaningful information on transgender and gender non-conforming issues. Before attending your conference, I may have had difficulty writing that simple sentence, but after listening, I am gaining confidence to write and talk about these issues with students and colleagues."

Laura was very knowledgeable and you could tell that being able to educate and share this information was important to her.

Hearing what I heard [at the conference] was so important. But hearing you specifically, got me thinking things and uncovering thoughts I would never have gotten to. So that’s a personal thank you. That’s doing your work as way of being, I guess

It provided me with a first hand perspective of someone who has both transitioned and is in the counseling field. It provided me with new data to share and support perspectives.

I learned a lot from your involvement in the Doctor Radio show. Recently, friends of ours experienced the beginnings of the transition of their daughter, age 20, who was quite feminine in appearance and personality, to male. The parents went through much anguish but were helped when their daughter’s three siblings were accepting and supportive of their sister.

I just wanted to let you know that I listen to Michael Aronoff [on SiriusXM Doctor Radio] regularly and always learn from him. I just love his subjects and love how he speaks to people. I tuned in while you were on and almost shut it off, but did not because I wanted to keep an open mind to the subject. I am so glad I listened to the whole show. It taught me a whole lot about transgender, which is a subject I just never tried to understand. I understand gay and lesbian, just not transgender and why people would want to change from man to women or woman to man. It helped me to listen to the callers and how you responded to them. You are very professional and I think you are the right person to work with these individuals! I now understand how these individuals feel and what they go through in life. I just want to say that I am glad that there are people like you to help them walk through their difficult journey. Everybody needs to be happy in their own skin no matter what it takes. And thanks to Dr. Arnoff for having you on his wonderful show.