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Unsolicited Testemonials

Testimonials from presentation evaluations and social media. 

Great workshop.. Great sense of self... and sense of humor!  What an inspiration.

"The issues presented are real issues and useful to my practice."

Thank you for all your work in the community and the world, and best of all all your efforts you made for my child.
[In this presentation] Presenters addressed issues that I am starting to encounter more and more...

"This was an excellent presentation. I specifically enjoyed Laura Jacobs. Her presentations style was great. She was knowledgeable and thoughtful. Her case study was excellent and really encouraged therapist to ask more questions about their motivation and how they are dealing with counter transference issues. Would love to see her present again."

"I appreciated the vocabulary lesson and more meaningful information on transgender and gender non-conforming issues. Before attending your conference, I may have had difficulty writing that simple sentence, but after listening, I am gaining confidence to write and talk about these issues with students and colleagues."