Transgender, Gender Nonbinary, and LGBQIA+ Adolescents

Transgender, Gender Nonbinary, and LGBTQIA+ Adolescents

Prideworks Queer Youth Conference, 2015. (Deliberately blurred to protect identities.)

Prideworks Queer Youth Conference, 2015. (Deliberately blurred to protect identities.)

There’s no torment in coming out. The torment is in being in.
— Armistead Maupin

Despite increased visibility and civil rights in some areas, our youth continue to be targeted and can still face severe difficulties.  Not only are there the well-known adolescent stresses - school, family, peer pressure, and the beginnings of adult responsibility - but these youth also live within a still sometimes unaccepting society.

Transgender and gender nonbinary youth, and LGBTQIA+ youth more broadly, have it especially hard, as do their families.  As people come out about their gender identity and/or sexual orientation at younger and younger ages, many are experiencing a crushing dysphoria and shame that can lead to anxiety, depression, poor school achievement, self-harm, substance abuse, and acting out at home.  Parents come to me with concerns about their children, who are questioning making alterations to their bodies at a time when they are just becoming able to make such decisions.  These adolescents are desperate for support and compassionate care.

I work with individuals and families, sometimes meeting with the adolescent, sometimes meeting with their parents or other family members so as to help all those in the circle.

I am here to help our youth live happier lives.